About Us


We believe that everyone deserves to feel their best

No.1 Fitness and Spa is one of the Business Unit operating under the umbrella of Baneol General Construction and Trade PLC.

No.1 Fitness and Spa was founded in 2022, the founder of the company is well known and famous in Addis Ababa by supplying best quality and originals of different size pipes, accessories, sanitary and sewerage equipment’s by the name of Dejene Lemessa General Trading Plc.


Beauty Plan


Fitness Plan

Our strength

Why people Choose Us


01Our equipment

We provide equipment that's clean and state-of-the-art..


02We listen to you

We customize every workout to help you reach your goals.


03New routines

We create customized workout plans that are designed to help you stay motivated.


04We deliver results

We keep records of your workouts and your progress and re-assess fitness levels every 4-6 weeks.


05We motivate

We help you stay motivated as we work to establish a consistent workout schedule.


06Manage your weight

With our programs, you can burn calories quickly and achieve your own personal

Fitness & Spa experts

Expert team members

Dejene Lemesa

Owner, CEO

Gezahegn Seyom

General Manager

Eden Girma

Spa & Gym Manager

Rediet Getu

Spa & Gym Supervisor